Picture of Rev. Jessica Johansson

Rev. Jessica Johansson

What Is Soul Esteem?


We all know what self-esteem is — it’s the evaluation we make of ourselves, positive or negative.  We might have high self-esteem, feeling confident and secure in who we are, or low self-esteem, feeling unworthy and defeated. These evaluations are often based on external ideas and beliefs. But what is soul-esteem? Soul-esteem is aligning ourselves with who we really are. This doesn’t come from surface-level changes like getting a new haircut or losing 10 pounds. It’s about making the changes that matter and the changes that last. It’s about looking inward and getting to know ourselves on a soul level.

When we have soul esteem, we feel good about ourselves not because of what we have or what we’ve accomplished but because we are content with who we are, inside and out. We accept ourselves unconditionally and treat ourselves with kindness and respect. We know we are worthy of love and happiness simply because we exist. If you’re seeking a more profound sense of peace and purpose regardless of what life throws your way, cultivating soul-esteem is the way to go.

So how do we cultivate soul-esteem? By taking time for activities that nourish our soul such as meditation, prayer, nature walks, journaling, or simply spending time in silence. When we make soul care a priority, we begin to see the world — and ourselves — through the lens of love. As a result, we naturally radiate confidence, peace, and joy. Soul esteem is the foundation of a joyful life.




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